Es Molinar

Es Molinar is an area of Mallorca which has truly risen from the ashes. It was a largely forgotten former fishing village not too long ago, but over recent years has become the home of some of the best restaurants on the island. Central to its renaissance is the new promenade which links it to Palma and Can Pastilla. The area is fantastic for carefree evening strolls in particular. It offers a series of small beaches and coves. The picturesque skyline is protected by tough building regulations.

Perhaps the epitome of Mallorcan vibrancy

An Up-and-Coming Coastal Area

Es Molinar is a small picturesque bay which is located between Palma and Can Pastilla. It is now widely agreed to be part of Palma and is a former fishing town. Prior to a few years ago, the town was largely neglected, but it has been given a new lease of life since a series of homes have been renovated there. Today, the area is highly sought after and has retained much of its original character, much like the neighbouring area of Portixol which has also enjoyed a period of rejuvenation over recent times. A number of new restaurants have been opened in the Portixol and Es Molinar areas, attracting people from all walks of life but especially the affluent younger crowds.

A new promenade has been built and connects the area with both Palma and El Arenal. This promenade plays host to a series of walkers and cyclists, whilst diners are able to enjoy carious culinary delights whilst overlooking the beach. The summer evenings are ideal for a visit to the area, offering a marvellous atmosphere and epic sunset views. Es Molinar is often known as Molinar or El Molinar, with the Molinar part stemming from the days that that mills used to dominate the area.

Es Molinar is home to various intimate coves and is as popular with tourists as it is with the locals. The beach at Es Molinar does in actual fact consist of a number of small beaches. The area offers excellent public transport links, with its charm and charisma being protected by local building regulations which prevent the building of high rise architecture. You can even see the sun set over the mountains from the area. The diverse range of bars and restaurants at Es Molinar mean that something for virtually every culinary demand is offered. Property prices have escalated over recent years due to the vast desirability of the area. This is particularly true of the homes closest to the sea. The area is seen as one of the most up-and-coming ‘trendy’ areas of Mallorca, and is often compared to the Santa Catalina district of Palma which has also become incredibly fashionable.

Palma – or Palma de Mallorca is an exceptionally sophisticated which is famed for its thriving arts scene, stunning architecture and markets. Half of Mallorca’s population live in Palma, which is also noted for its high end boutiques and contemporary art museum. Palma has a long history, which is still represented in areas such as its Arab Quarter and the La Seu cathedral – itself built on the site of an old mosque. The old Roman city can still be found underground. Many top-end restaurants source their finest ingredients from the local market traders as well as the transparent blue waters nearby. Palma also offers nests of narrow streets on which you’ll find a vast array of independent shops and lively cafes. If you’re already in, or are planning on heading to Palma, a trip to the promenade of Es Molinar and Portixol is highly recommended.

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